Veterinary Services

At Cat Care of Vinings, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful veterinary team is here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Veterinary Services

Our goal at Cat Care of Vinings is to provide you and your furry friend with high-quality pet care at an affordable price. We are a friendly, compassionate, low-cost vet clinic in Atlanta, GA.

Wellness Care and Prevention

Cat Care of Vinings, your Atlanta, GA hub for feline health. We prioritize wellness and prevention, ensuring your cat’s long, joyful life.

Boarding and Grooming

Cat Care of Vinings provides cat boarding and grooming in Atlanta, GA, offering a stress-free, comfortable home away from home for cats.

Special Needs or Medical Boarding

At Cat Care of Vinings, our commitment to providing specialized boarding services for cats with special needs or medical conditions is rooted in our dedication to feline well-being.


Cat Care of Vinings prioritizes accurate diagnostics, offering Cat Radiography services in Atlanta, GA, using new equipment for feline well-being.


Cat Care of Vinings addresses feline cardiac needs with specialized Cat Cardiology services in Atlanta, GA, prioritizing heart-related conditions for good health.

Detailed Dental Health Consultations And Evaluations

Cat Care of Vinings ensures comprehensive dental care for your cat’s oral well-being in Atlanta.

Surgical Biopsies

At Cat Care of Vinings in Atlanta, GA, we prioritize the health of your feline friend, offering surgical biopsy services with a focus on accuracy and compassionate care.

Bladder Stone Removal

Cat Care of Vinings prioritizes your feline friend’s well-being with specialized cat bladder stone removal services in Atlanta, GA.

Dental Extractions

At Cat Care of Vinings, we are your trusted veterinary partner in Atlanta, GA. Dedicated to high-quality cat dental care, including expert cat extractions.

Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies

Cat Care of Vinings excels in feline healthcare, offering crucial ultrasound-guided biopsies for diagnosing and treating diverse cat health issues.


Cat Care of Vinings addresses feline health with specialized diagnostic services, including detailed cat endoscopy for internal organ examination.


At Cat Care of Vinings, your trusted feline health destination in Atlanta, GA, we offer specialized services, including cat otoscopy.


Cat Care of Vinings offers comprehensive veterinary care. We specialize in cat rhinoscopy, a crucial diagnostic procedure for nasal and sinus issues.


Cat Care of Vinings, situated in Atlanta, GA, offers cat cystoscopy as a diagnostic procedure to address urinary tract issues in feline health.