Cat Care of Vinings, situated in Atlanta, GA, offers cat cystoscopy as a diagnostic procedure to address urinary tract issues in feline health.


Understanding Cat Cystoscopy:

Cat cystoscopy involves the insertion of a slender tube with a camera into a cat’s bladder through the urethra. This diagnostic procedure enables veterinarians to visually examine the bladder lining, identify abnormalities, and diagnose urinary tract conditions.

Vet examine with stethoscope to a cat

The Procedure:

During a cat cystoscopy, our experienced veterinarians carefully introduce the cystoscope into the bladder, capturing detailed images for examination. This procedure is particularly useful in cases of recurrent urinary tract infections, blood in the urine, or unexplained discomfort during urination.

Benefits of Cat Cystoscopy:

  1. Precise Diagnosis: Cat cystoscopy provides a direct visual assessment of the bladder, allowing for accurate identification and diagnosis of urinary tract issues.
  2. Focused Examination: The procedure allows veterinarians to focus on specific areas of concern within the bladder, providing detailed insights for effective treatment planning.
  3. Minimally Invasive: Cat cystoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic method, reducing stress for cats and promoting a faster recovery compared to more invasive procedures.

When is Cat Cystoscopy Necessary?

  • Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections: Frequent urinary tract infections may warrant a cystoscopy to identify underlying causes and develop targeted treatment plans.
  • Blood in the Urine: The presence of blood in a cat’s urine may signal issues within the urinary tract, necessitating a thorough examination through cystoscopy.
  • Unexplained Urinary Discomfort: Cats exhibiting signs of discomfort during urination may benefit from cystoscopy to uncover the source of the issue.

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