Special Needs / Medical Boarding

Cat Care of Vinings offers specialized Cat Special Needs or Medical Boarding in Atlanta, GA, ensuring comfort, well-being, and proper medical oversight.


Understanding Our Specialized Boarding Services

When it comes to cats with special needs or medical conditions, providing the right environment is crucial. Our specialized boarding services offer a dedicated space that considers each cat’s specific requirements. We strive to create a stress-free and comfortable setting, ensuring that your cat receives the care they need during their stay with us.

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Benefits of Special Needs or Medical Boarding

  1. Individualized Care Plans: Our experienced staff works closely with pet owners to create individualized care plans that address the unique medical or special needs of each cat.
  2. Medication Management: For cats requiring medication, our trained team ensures precise administration, maintaining your cat’s health and well-being.
  3. Professional Oversight: Our facility is equipped to handle cats with various medical conditions, providing a safe and monitored environment for their stay.

When is Cat Special Needs or Medical Boarding Necessary?

  • Post-Surgery Care: After a surgical procedure, specialized care is crucial for a smooth recovery. Our boarding services offer the attention and monitoring needed during this period.
  • Chronic Medical Conditions: Cats with chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or renal issues benefit from our specialized care, ensuring their health is managed effectively.
  • Behavioral Concerns: For cats with behavioral challenges, our specialized boarding services provide a structured environment with understanding and patience.

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