Boarding and Grooming

Cat Care of Vinings provides cat boarding and grooming in Atlanta, GA, offering a stress-free, comfortable home away from home for cats.


Boarding and Grooming

Cat Care of Vinings is proud to offer comprehensive cat boarding and grooming services, providing a home away from home for your feline companions. Our facility in Atlanta, GA, is designed to meet the unique needs of cats, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable environment during their stay.

a cat sitting on a couch

Understanding Our Cat Boarding Services:

When life takes you away, entrust your beloved cat to our caring hands. Our cat boarding services are tailored to cater to the specific needs of feline guests. Each cat is provided with a secure and cozy space, allowing them to relax and feel at ease in our facility.

The Benefits of Cat Boarding at Cat Care of Vinings:

  1. Safe and Secure Environment: Our facility is equipped with secure enclosures, providing a safe environment for your cat to explore and play.
  2. Professional Care: Our experienced staff is trained to understand and address the individual needs of each cat, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve.
  3. Health Monitoring: During their stay, we keep a close eye on your cat’s health, providing immediate attention if any concerns arise.
a person brushing a cat

Grooming Services for Happy and Healthy Cats:

Our grooming services are designed to enhance your cat’s well-being by addressing both hygiene and comfort. We offer a range of grooming options, from simple brushing to more extensive grooming sessions, based on your cat’s individual requirements.

When is Cat Boarding and Grooming Necessary?

  • Travel: When you’re away, whether for a short trip or an extended vacation, our cat boarding services ensure your feline friend is well-cared.
  • Busy Schedule: If your hectic schedule leaves you with limited time for grooming, our services provide a convenient solution to keep your cat clean and comfortable.
  • Specialized Care: For cats with specific grooming needs or health considerations, our grooming services can be tailored to address these requirements.

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