If you’re new to the world of cats or you’re wondering, “what toys should my cat have?” you’re in the right place. There are thousands of cat toys out there. The selection can get overwhelming. But here at Cat Care of Vinings, we know cats inside and out. We thought we’d share the toys that get our cats playing more than anything else.

Best of all, there’s no reason to break the bank on these cat toys. You can find affordable cat toys all over the place—even in your own home.

Our 3 Favorite Types of Simple Yet Irresistible Cat Toys

1. Catnip Toys
If your cat goes crazy for catnip, look for soft, stuffed plush toys filled with the delectable herb. You can get a catnip-stuffed toy for less than $10 at most major pet stores. Some catnip toys are even refillable. Or, you can repurpose an old sock for a quick and easy homemade cat toy. (If you’re anything like us, you have a pile of mismatched socks somewhere. Tap into this great resource!)
Stuff a sock with a handful of polyfill from a fabric store and sprinkle in about a teaspoon of loose catnip from the pet store. Tie a knot in the sock to seal it all up. Squeeze the sock to crush up the catnip and release its delightful (to cats) scent.

Voila! You’re done. Your kitty can smell and chew it to her heart’s content. And when she destroys the catnip sock toy, you easily make another one with the materials you now have on hand.

2. Toys Your Cat Can Chase
Even though our pet kitties don’t rely on hunting to get the food they need, they still have a strong prey drive. You probably have at least one perfect toy your cat can chase sitting right there in your bathroom. Any guesses?

We’re talking about the cardboard from a toilet paper or paper towel roll, of course! These rolling tubes can get your kitty going crazy, and they’re perfectly safe for her to attack.

You can also get a teaser toy or wand from your local pet store for $10 to $15. Drag the wand all around the floor and watch your cat pounce the feathers or stuffed mouse attached to the end. If you need a break from the fun, this teaser wand from Kong attaches to your window, so your kitty can swat it whenever the mood strikes.

3. Scratcher Toys
Cats don’t just love to scratch, they need to scratch. Giving your feline friend a toy made with cardboard, carpet, or sisal does double duty. It gets him playing and satisfies his scratching needs.

The simplest scratcher toy is a corrugated cardboard box. Your cat will love sinking his claws into the material and listening to the delightful popping and ripping sounds. He might even snuggle up inside the box when he’s ready for a break.

If you don’t want to keep a cardboard box in the house at all times, this small scratcher toy comes with a rolling ball and catnip to make it even more exciting.

Cats With Toys Are Happy Cats

There’s nothing better than watching your cat playing happily with a simple toy. It’ll make your kitty’s holiday stocking or birthday gift all the more interesting if you save the fancy toys for fancy occasions. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns about cat toys or your kitty’s prey drive.