Ahh … the smell of fresh pine needles, the twinkle of lights, and the aroma of fresh-baked cookies. As you transform your home into a festive wonderland filled with new decorations, winter plants, and sweet treats, Cat Care of Vinings is here with a few holiday season cat safety reminders for making the holidays safer for the feline members of your household.

Cats and Holiday Stress

It’s easy to lose track of time when the holiday rush hits, but when your cat’s routine changes, she can experience stress and anxiety. To the best of your ability, keep your cat on her regular schedule, and make sure she has plenty of indoor enrichment to fill her time while you’re filling stockings.


Make sure your Christmas tree is securely anchored. A big tree that topples onto a small kitty could cause a serious injury. Also, pets should never drink tree water; it could contain fertilizer residue or bacteria that could upset your kitty’s tummy.

Poisonous Plants

Smooching under artificial mistletoe is perfectly acceptable, so opt for silk or plastic versions of your favorite holiday foliage to protect your curious cat. The following common seasonal plants are not-so-festive for our pets to ingest:

Pine needles
Christmas rose
Decorate Safely
When it comes to holiday season cat safety, lit candles should be kept up high and inaccessible to pets. You can also opt to simply use “flameless” candles for a festive glow. When choosing tree decorations, take a pass on the tinsel, and hang breakable ornaments out of paw’s reach. And while it’s hard to avoid the presence of wires and extension cords, do your best to keep them covered or hidden from your pets.

Wrap with Care

Cats are notorious ribbon-chewers, and when ingested, ribbons and strings can cause intestinal blockages that require emergency surgery.

Dietary Don’ts

While you’re indulging in all your holiday favorites, make sure that no one is slipping your cat samples under the table. Many of our favorite holiday foods can pose serious problems for our cats, including the following:

Raw dough
Foods containing the artificial sweetener xylitol
Fatty or spicy foods
Nuts, grapes, and raisins
Dairy products
Onions and garlic

Feline-Friendly Family Gatherings

Unless you have a cat who is quite the social butterfly, she might enjoy your holiday parties more if she had a quiet room to call her own, complete with a place to snooze, food, water, and a litter box.

We hope you enjoyed our safety tips for pets during the holidays. At Cat Care of Vinings, we’re proud to focus on the unique needs of cats year-round. Please contact us at (404) 792-0700, or request an appointment conveniently from any device.