At Cat Care of Vinings, we love helping our feline friends feel their furry best, and in honor of National Cat Health Month, we’re here with our team’s top tips for keeping cats healthy—and happy—all year long!

#1: Prioritize Wellness and Prevention

It wouldn’t be cat health month without shining a spotlight on prevention. Keeping cats up to date with routine wellness care prevents problems, enables early intervention, and can help cats live longer, healthier lives.
Comprehensive healthcare for wellness and prevention includes the following:

Twice-yearly checkups
Age and lifestyle appropriate vaccines
Parasite prevention
Diagnostic screenings, such as bloodwork and fecal tests
Dental inspections
Nutritional and behavioral consultations
Weight assessments
Spay/neuter and microchipping for new pets

#2: Focus on Feline Dental Care

Feline dental care is not just about protecting those pearly whites, it’s about protecting pets from the dangers of dental diseases. Left untreated, dental diseases can cause significant pain, tooth loss, and localized infections that will eventually spread throughout the bloodstream.

A well-rounded approach to feline dental care includes the following:

Mouth inspections during your cat’s routine wellness visits
Comprehensive dental cleanings under general anesthesia (when recommended) with digital dental X-rays
Support at home, such as brushing your cat’s teeth (if possible), offering dental treats, and using water additives

#3: Create the Purrfect Cat Environment

Keeping cats mentally stimulated while creating a space where they feel valued and comfortable goes a long way toward improving a cat’s quality of life. Plus, when cats get bored or feel frightened, they tend to act out in ways that are frustrating for feline parents.

National Cat Health Month is the perfect time to check your cat’s environment for any room for improvement.

Keep cat supplies clean and in their proper place. Cats prefer their personal space, so position litter boxes away from household noises. Don’t place food and water bowls near litter boxes, and clean their dishes and litter boxes daily.

Provide nutritious meals. Is your cat eating a diet optimal for her age and lifestyle needs? We’re happy to recommend the ideal diet for your cat.

Design a room with a view. Window seats, catios, cat trees, and even aquariums can provide plenty of mental stimulation and entertainment.

Make quality time count. Initiate playtime to make sure your cat exercises on a regular basis, and when it’s time for rest, provide plenty of cuddles on the couch. Routine grooming is another way to bond with your cat while keeping her looking and feeling her best.

Cats Rule!

However you choose to celebrate National Cat Health Month, one thing’s for certain, life is better when shared with a cat! If you’re still wondering how to keep my cat healthy, please contact Cat Care of Vinings for more tips and strategies or to schedule your cat’s visit.