At Cat Care of Vinings, we simply can’t get enough of your positively fabulous felines! And in honor of “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month,” we’re here to extol all the glorious benefits of adopting a shelter cat.

Why Adopt a Cat?

The question should really be, why not adopt a cat? Besides being so incredibly cute and cuddly, here are a few reasons why cats are king:

    • Cats are quiet.
    • Cats learn quickly how to use a litter box (and you don’t have to take them outside!)
    • Petting and grooming a cat is a beautiful bonding experience that can lower your blood pressure.
    • Cats bathe themselves.
    • Cats are content to have their “alone time.”

These are just a few of the reasons why adopting any cat is a great move, but when you adopt a shelter cat, the advantages multiply and become far more meaningful. Read on!

Adopting a Shelter Cat Saves Lives

When you welcome a shelter cat (or two!) into your heart and home, you give a precious kitty a much-needed second chance and open up space in the shelter for another deserving feline.

Adopting a Shelter Cat Saves You Money

Many shelter cats have already been spayed or neutered, received their initial vaccines, dewormed, treated for fleas and ticks, and microchipped. Some animal shelters run special promotions when adoption fees (which are already reasonable) are reduced. What you save in up-front costs for initial veterinary services you can dedicate to your cat’s ongoing wellness care with your veterinarian.

Shelter Cats Are Eager for a Best Friend

The caring staff and volunteers at animal shelters do the best they can to provide each animal with cuddles and attention, but there’s no substitute for a forever home. That’s why shelter cats are some of the most affectionate, grateful cats you will ever encounter. They just want what we all do: a forever family to love them.

The Shelter Staff Will Play Matchmaker

Perhaps you’d prefer a calm, senior cat? Or do you have young children who would like an energetic, playful kitten? If you’re seeking a specific temperament in a cat, the compassionate team at your local animal shelter will help you find the cat that suits your needs perfectly!

A Wide Selection is Available

Shelters offer prospective cat families a one-stop shop with cats and kittens of all sizes, ages, and coat colors. Sometimes you can even find specific breeds, like Persians or Maine Coons.

Shelter Cats Rule!

Pets enrich our lives in so many ways, and when you adopt a shelter cat, you give at least two cats their much-deserved second chances. We look forward to welcoming your newly adopted cat with a lifetime of compassionate, quality veterinary care. Please contact Cat Care of Vinings to schedule your cat’s visit.